Need to boost your Sales? Find out how an ebook can improve your brand awareness.


The main point of every online marketing is to reach as many potential customer as possible. In order to do it you can choose several solution (marketing channel). In the last few years, eBooks become one of the most popular solution: they provide an opportunity to reach a lot of potential customer with beneficial information.

In this article, i will show you some tips that can help you to reach this important goal.

Tip. 1 The importance of the topic

If you want your ebook to be successful you have to choose the right topic. It must be relevant to the products or services that you sell and it has to be a real benefit for the readers. In order to find some idea, you can always search on the web looking for existent ebooks on your industry.

The best solution is to find topics that haven’t been widely covered or to discuss it from a new perspective. Even in this case, Google can help you.

Tip. 2 Use your existing content to create your ebook

It’s always a good idea to create an ebook starting from your existing content. You have to analyze your blog post by analytics software in order to determine which one received the most attention: comments, share, feedbacks.

The only thing that now you have to do is to choose several blog post that are related to a similar topic. Organize the post to create a content that as a sense, provide informations to it and extend the layout and the structure of your ebook.

Believe me when i say that is quite easy to do it.

Tip.3 Distribution

It’s really important to you to decide how you want to distribute the ebook: Amazon. Apple Ibook store, or any other popular sites. But you can also distribute it yourself.

How can you do it?

It is quite simple: use a free tool for converting your text document into a PDF, then you just have to use your ebook as an incentive to join your subscriber list or to complete a desire action.

The distribution method will depend on your goals. If you want your brand awareness to grow, then the best solution is to distribute your ebook through an ebook store. But if you want to increase your subscriber list or to promote your sales, then the self-distribution will be perfect for you.

Tip 4. Format your ebook

You should be sure that your ebook is properly formatted : if you choose to distribute it through some ebook sites, then you can use their provided templates. If you decide to self distribute it, then make sure that it will be readable on desktops, smartphones and tablet.

Tip 5. Free copies

A great way to boost your sales and to improve your conversion rate is to send free copies of your ebook to influential people in your industry: it will give you positive taglines or reviews to include in your marketing material and to generate back links.

I want to say goodbye to you with my personal point of view on ebooks: you should use this strategy because it will help you to make your brand reputation grow!

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