How to boost your email subscriber list


We all know that email marketing is the best way to promote your online business considering cost-effective. Obviously, to do it you need a good subscriber list: in this case size does matter!

If you want to maximise benefits, you always have to try to increase your lists.

Increasing subscribers list it’s not easy, especially if you have just started your online business, that’s why i’ve decided to write this article. So, here you can find some great tips that will help you to boost your email subscriber list.

Tip 1. Opt-In forms

Make sure to have an opt-in form on every page of your website in order to make it easy to your visitors to subscribe. Usually, it’s good to put it on your site’s sidebar but if you do not have it, put it near the footer.

Tip 2. Pop-up

Second step is to consider to use a pop-up display. It is a great visual way to ask to your visitor to subscribe. You can use free plugins in order to do it. Do not worry: they are quick and easy to setup up. Even if I’m sure that you think that pop-ups are annoying, believe me when i say they really do work. You have to remember that users are familiar with pop-ups because they appear everywhere on the web.

Tip 3. Opt-in must simple

Remember to keep your opt-in form simple.

Why is it important?

Because the more fields that you include on the form, the less likely a visitor will fill it. It’s enough to ask name and email address. But if you want to make it even quicker and easier, you can just ask the email address.

Tip 4. Add Content

If you want your opt-in to be more attractive for users, it’s good to create content that can be a free benefit for them, like ebooks or in-depth articles. Create a PDF of your content and make it free for your subscribers. There are a lot of free tools that can help you.

Use a call to action, once they sign up to your email list, they’ll get your free content.

Tip 5. Social Proof

In this internet era, users and consumers prefer to purchase product or services that has got a lot of positive feedbacks. So make sure to include social proof that your business is gain popularity thanks to his quality and reliability: do not wait until you have thousands of subscribers. Use your facebook or twitter followers base to start.

Display the total number of subscribers and social media followers under your opt-in form.

Tip 6. Email Marketing Campaign

Obviously, when you will have a good subscriber list, you have to make sure that your email marketing is effective. Keep them, create a schedule for your newsletter and promotion. Try always to offer incentives to your subscribers.

This is the best way to hold on to your subscriber base and, at the same time, to gaining new subscribers.

If you will follow this tips you will see your subscriber list grow not only in size but also in quality, i did it and it’s working great!

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