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Hi, my name is Silvia Galati but everybody calls me Silvietta and I would like to show you how you can start your first online business. I came from a traditional family: my father was a labourer and my mother was a housewife: she was never able to work because of her health problems. I grow up in the suburb where everybody was always teaching me that in order to be happy I should find a secure job. So that’s what I did: after I graduated I worked in a baby shop in my neighbourhood. I was working hard every to get a salary to help my family to pay all the expenses.

I’ve always had a dream, I wanted to travel and to see the world. But it was impossible: I was not earning enough money to do it and, above all, I did not have time because I was working six days a week. Some year later I’ve found a job as employee for a downtown chartered accounting firm. In the beginning I loved it: going to the city every day was like discover a new world. But soon the reality took me down on earth. I was spending two hours a day to go to my work place and ten hours in the office. I did not have time for my, my family and, again, for my dream.

When I’ve quit my first job my boss gave me a book by Richard Back: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. I’ve started reading it in the train while I was going to work.

That book enlightened me: it talks about a Seagull that instead to listen to his counterpart and to live in the landfill, decided to use his wings to fly away and to see the world.

I’ve realized what was my worst flaw: even if I was dreaming of traveling I was not doing anything to get my goal because I’ve was always listening to my background’s big advice: work, work, work for a secure future.

Suddenly I’ve decided to completely change my life and not to be an old-minded any more.

It was not easy to decide to do it, in the end I had a good salary and my life, even if I didn’t like it, was on the track to what everybody consider a good standard. Now I understand that I was in a vicious circle.

I didn’t want to think like them, I didn’t want to live like them… I wanted to realize my dream.

In the past I was spending more than half of the day for my “work-life”. I was just doing what my parents, my friend and also my school have thought to me.

Now, thanks to my online business, I’m making so much money that I can finally travel around the world whenever I’ve want.

I’ve been an insecure person, always thinking that I was not enough good to do something successful.

I’ve made an amazing discovery: there is way to start an online business even if you are not a “tech savvy” or you don’t have a big capital to invest: it doesn’t matter where you came from and what your background is! You will not believe how simple it is!

The method that I’ve found will show you step-by-step how to start your online business!

I know how can be frustrating not to get your goals or not to realize your dreams, especially if you have an oppressive job. That’s why I want to help you to start your online business.

I’ve got a secret that will tell you in details how to start a successful online business from the basics…if you want to find out what it is, you need to try the online training.

I did it and I’ve changed my life: I can work when I want and from anywhere I want: “money worries” are a thing of the past, I can buy nice things for myself and my loved ones and… I’m living my life by my own rules.

So, do not lose this great opportunity!

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