How to create a devote, ready-to-buy Subscription list.


We all know that that probably the most important part of online marketing is the mailing list.
There are two ways to create it:

  • * Paying someone to buy his list(s)
    * Do it your self

Today we are going to talk about the second option: believe me when I say that the first one, even if it appears faster and easier, it’ s just a big waste of money. You will never be sure that the list that you are buying contains highly targeted prospective customers or not, you will never know if this people are interested in your product or service.

I’m going to reveal you 3 important tips that will help you to create a great subscription list!

TIP. 1 Build your lists

To create high-performance e-mail list the first step is always capture and retain the e-mail address of every person who has ever bought anything from you: they are likely open to purchase more products or services from you in the future.
After you’ve done it, try to define three key groups:

  • * People who have bought your product/service in the past.
    * People who have expressed interest in the products/services you sell.
    * People who have agreed to give you their e-mail addresses in exchange for something free that they value.

In these groups, you have clear lists different kind of people: you can use different strategies for each of these groups to find the one who works best and to boost your conversion rate.

TIP. 2 Tracking your Costumers

Another important thing you should do if you want to create a devote subscription list is to keep track of what specific product an categories they purchased.

Why is it important?

One of the biggest sources of potential revenue is repeat costumer. That’s happen because you already have a concrete and steady relation with theme.
You can make this relationship to keep growing as long as they are happy and they trust in your product/services.

Now think about the second key group: people who have expressed an interest in the product /services that you sell. Try to attract them on your web page via links from Facebook Ads, AdWords, forum or discussion. Your goal must always be to get their e-mail address.

In the end: if you offer free content or something that can represent a value for who visit your page, you will get a lot of e-mail address.

TIP 3. The importance of a Squeeze Page

I’ve talked to you about using free content to get new e-mail addresses. Usually you do it creating a Squeeze Page, that is a web page where you offer to all your visitors something of value for them for free: free report, video, ebook. The only thing that they have to do if they want to get the free content is to write their e-mail address.

I want to say good bye to you talking about a big point: quality or quantity?
Do I have more chance to sell if my mailing list is huge?

I think that it’s always better to work on quality. Probably it’s true, more people gets your mail, more conversion you will get. Ok, but what happen to the hundreds (or thousand) people you are bombarding. They will call you SPAM , and they will never become your customer, so pay attention.

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