Increase your Sales Leads: Improve your Inbound Marketing


In the last years, because of the spread of internet and new technologies, marketing’s rules have changed. When we talk about lead generation, we all know that new standards want quality more important that quality. Especially if you are starting an online business, it’s really important to put much more effort on improving inbound marketing in order to generate quality traffic on your web site and on your social network profile.


Because best sales come if you are attracting the right customers. If you are using PPC ads or other forms of advertising it’s a good strategy to ensure that visitors are really interested in what you are selling. You will soon find out that few quality leads are definitively better than a lot of generic leads.

In this article I will give some interesting and easy-to-follow tips that will help you to attract the leads that you’re looking for.

TIP 1. Create the perfect customer’s AVATAR

The best way of targeting is to create an AVATAR of the customer that needs your product or services. To do it, you just have to answer to the following questions:

  • – How old is he?
  • – What is his sex?
  • – Where is come from?
  • – What’s his hypothetical job?
  • – What’s is income level?
  • – His studies?

By answering to these questions you’ll create a detailed profile that will help you to improve your strategy’s performance. Since you do it you will know who is looking for your product.

Use this AVATAR to develop content and marketing campaign. Remember to create multiple AVATAR for every product or service you are selling.

When you create a content you should imagine that you are writing specifically to the AVATAR: think that it is a real person!

TIP 2. Gather information from your customer

If you want to create a likely AVATAR, you have to get as much information as possible from your existing customer. There are several methods to do it easily:

  • Survey

Send out a survey to your customers, ask general information and their interests.

  • Social Media Profiles

Look to your customer’s social media profile and find out what other companies they follow and what is their area of interest.

TIP 3. Ad campaign: use long-tail keyword

When you set your ad campaign you should use long-tail keyword. I’m saying it for a simple reason: long-tail allows to detail and better identify the specific need of the user. In this way your campaign will attract a specific target that has got a high potential of conversion.

If you are vague when you set key words, you will attract a large range of users: most of them will not have any kind of interest in your product or services.

TIP 4. Create a single campaign for every AVATAR

Thanks to the AVATARS you have profiled, now you know exactly which are your targets. Create a specific campaign for every one of theme, use different speeches and figures. In other words, for every campaign, use specific catchy content.

Your campaign will be as successful as much your communication will be close to your target.

Believe me when I say that if you do it, your conversion rates will increase.

TIP 5. The power of Fear and Interest

Why people buy stuff or services?

Because they need something.

And why they need something?

Because they have an interest to meet or a fear to shake off.

Pay attention because this is the main point: it’s really important for your business’ success to target the fears or the interests of your costumer.

Think about how your product or services can help your customer. Express the solution for their needs by a call to action. It will powerful and it will work great!

We have seen how it could be easy to improve your inbound marketing: you do not require any specific expertise to do it. So, start today and you will get new quality leads!

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