How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate


I know you’ve just started your online business and you are promoting your product or your services by facebook, e-mails and other social media.

And I also know that you’ve created a cool landing page and that users actually are visiting it.

But, guess what? At the same time, I know that you’re not selling.

Your landing page is not getting the conversion you’d like.

With this article I want to help you to solve this problem. I will do it through six tips that will completely change your landing page’s conversions rate and boost your sells.

I don’t want to lose time, let’s start

TIP 1: Remain Consistent with Your Details

Probably it sounds trivial but believe when I say that it is not: this is a mistake that a lot of rookies make.

It’s common to includes various statistics or provide a list of features. What you must do is:

Make sure that your content is consistent.

Be careful because people do notice the inconsistency. If they think that your page is giving false or wrong data, they will immediately leave your web site.

TIP 2: Keep your content relevant to your Ad

People have a need, they look your advertisement, they click on it.

The content on your landing page must match with your Advertisement, because users are clicking on your ads for a reason.

Even in this case, do not think that it is a trivial TIP: with Google AdWords, the cost-per-click is partially based on the overall quality and relevance of your landing page.

So match your page’s content with your ads can mean that you’re saving a lot of money.

TIP 3: You Should Only Have One Call to Action

Beginner undervalue the power of a well set-up landing page.

Pages that have a good conversions rate only serves one purpose.

Never, never, never try to promote multiple services, product or offers on a single landing page.

Your page should focus on only one action: the call will be stronger. If you have multiple calls to action, they should be for the same action.

You just have to remember that your’ creating a landing page because you want to sell something, so it must be strictly organized on this target and nothing else.

TIP 4: Create a Sense of Urgency on Your Landing Page

The best way to sell a product is to create a sense of urgency. Your landing page should tell this sense in order to make visitors feel that if they do not act immediately, they are going to miss a great opportunity.

Remember that user that visit your landing page are looking for something that they need, so find a way to tell them that what they are looking for is available only for a short period.

To do this, you can create urgency in your titles, headers and in your call to action.

Here an example:

You are selling an e-book with a special price

A call to action that create a sense of urgency can be:

Don’t lose time! This offer is limited only for today, ACT NOW!

TIP 5: Include Customer Testimonials on Your Landing Page

Including a section on your landing page where you provide customer testimonial is the best way to give value to your product.


Because users will know that your product worked great for people that have already bought it.

This is a great tip, please use it. But you need true testimonials, so don’t forget to pull testimonials.

You can do it by:

  • * Social media
  • * E-mails

Ask to every existing customer to their input.

TIP 6: Create the Ultimate Headline for Your Landing Page

The headline is the first thing that visitors read on your landing page, so it should be direct and easy to understand.

The perfect headline should be:

  • * Catchy
  • * Simple
  • * Focused
  • * Short

The next is a tip that will help you to find the perfect headline for you landing page:

  • * Write several different headlines
  • * Compare the differences

Now ask to your-self:

  • * Which one will make you buy?
  • * Which one is more representative of your product?
  • * Which one better create urgency?

When you will answer to these question, you will find the one that works best.

If you follow these step you will easily boost your sell by increasing your landing page conversions rate. I know that you will do it and that it will work.

But a want to say good bay to you with another BIG TIP.

Use A/B split testing.

Do you know what it is?

Don’t worry it’s nothing overly complicated. You just have to try different version of the same landing page to see what work best!

Good Work!

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