How to increase your customer Engagement in six simple tips!


I want to talk about the most import thing in business:

The product quality?

The service?


No guys, I’m talking about the customer. It’s a big mistake to think that only because you’re selling a high-quality product or service your customer will keep purchasing. That’s why you should always focus on customer’s engagement.

What does it mean?

It’s simple: people doesn’t like to feel like they are only numbers for you and, overall, they buy more from you if you appear “REAL” not only a corporate automation.

Now, please ask to these questions:

Do you listen to your customer? Do you know what they need? Do you respond to them?

Let’s see together how will be easy for you to boost your sales by increasing your customer engagement.

TIP 1. Never undervalue feedback impact

You should always be monitoring what customers are saying about your product on social media and on your web site’s comment or blog. Save the comments and try to organize them and create a list of the “most common”. That list is your goal because it will help you to develop your products or services in order to meet your customer needs.

TIP 2. Involve your customer on Social Media

This is an important tip. Most people use posts to advertise products. That can be useful like a flyer in a mailbox. The best thing is to try to create discussion around your product or service using posts as comments. Ask to your customer what they think and involve them to make them feel an active part of the process. Believe me when I say that you will get great results from this strategy.

TIP 3. Always respond on your blog posts

Why people do read blog post?

Because they are interested in the topic or the argument you’re talking about. They are attracted to it or they have a need that your post can meet. Often, visitors leave a comment. Be sure to response to it. You will involve your costumer and he will come back. Don’t do it and you will lose him forever. At the same time, it will appear that you regularly check your site.

The best thing would be to response to a comment in the first 24 hours. If you do it immediately it would be great!

TIP 4. Negative comment: deal with it!

Soon or later, it will happen that some customer leaves a negative comment. It’s really important for you and for your business to learn how to deal with it. First of all, keep calm. The worst mistake is to take it personally. You should always remember that in business you have only one goal: increase your sells.

What you have to do is to send a direct message, it’s better not to make the conversation public. Then apologize for the inconvenience and try to identify what the problem is. Don’t find excuses, just find a solution that pleases your customer. It doesn’t matter how much it will cost. If you solve your’ customer problem, your reputation will grow.

TIP 5. The importance of follow up E-mails

Usually, after purchasing, customers receive standard confirmation mail in their inbox. That’s good but it’s not enough. You should create an informal template. Create engagement by asking if they are happy with their purchase, give them tips about your product or service and remember to underline features that they should pay attention to.

An informal confirmation e-mail it’s a great driver to improve costumers engagement. They will feel that you really care about them and their feedbacks.

TIP 6. Write like you are talking to a Friend

When you respond to posts or you write an e-mail, do it like you are talking to a friend. Use an informal tone, make it personable. It would be really cool if you begin your message calling your customer by name. Then ask questions, try to involve them.

This is a really easy strategy that can make the difference in your business. Do it and you will have immediately great results!

So we walked through a really simple strategy that will boost your purchases.

Remember: the secret to increase your engagement is to be present for your costumer and to talk to them like you’re speaking to a friend. Engagement is one of the key that open the success’s doors!

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