How to write a great Headline


Words and languages represent the heart of a successful e-mail marketing: they must be catchy and they must attract costumers’ attention.
But a grabbing headline can also increase your web site’s conversion or the performances of any other content that includes titles.

Why is it so important?

Because is the first thing that a reader sees.

The good news is that if you will follow my tips, you will not have to be a professional writer in order to create a great headline.

  • You can use the next tips for:
  • – Websites
    – Landing Pages
    – Blog posts
    – E-mail
  • Here how to write what I call a killer headline.

Tip 1. Sum up your content
You should summarize the focus or the main point of your content in a single sentence. Remember to keep it simple, do not think too much on it, just do it.
Once you’ve done it, try to polish the headline by using cool words.

Tip 2. People loves numbers
Yes, it is the true, people loves numbers because numbers are effective. Use them when you’re writing the headlines of marketing campaign, e-mails or blog posts. They work great if your content includes a list of steps, tips or anything that can be list.
So add a number to your original sentence: it will work great!

Tip 3. Breathtaking adjectives
It will be great if you would include an exciting adjective in your headline. It’s not hard to do. I’ll give you some examples of adjectives that you can use in your sentences:

  • – Essential
    – Excellent
    – Effective
    – Fantastic
    – Important
    – Mind blowing
    – Valuable
    – Ultimate
    – Simple
  • Tip 4. Not to long
    Please, keep your headline short. You have to remember two important points:
  • 1 – Your headline is a title.
    2- Google recommends a maximum of 70 characters.
  • About the second point I want to suggest to you to pay attention also to the number of words.
    It seems that the best performant headlines have 10 to 12 words: do not forget it!


Tip 5. Don’t forget your keyword
You know how SEO and keywords are fundamental for your online business. So try to include your focus keywords in your headline.
Hera a great tool that can help you: Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.
It will help you to find the best keywords for you (good search volume/low competition).

OK!  You have now written your headline, there is just one more thing that you have to do:

Read it aloud.

How does it sound?

Does it grab your attention?

Your killer headline will attract users and encourage people to keep reading your content.
If you want to find the best headline ever, I suggest to write 5-6 different headlines and consider which one sounds best. You can also A/B split tests to realize which one work best with a specific target.
Start with these tips now, I’m sure you will do a great job and that you will boost your sales!

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