How SEO can increase Brand Authority.


Most people think that SEO is useful to increase search engine rankings. It is true but there is something more to know about it.

Search engine optimization is a great driver to build your brand Authority, that is a natural boost to your SEO.

The reason is simple.

Every step that you do in online marketing has an effect on other aspects of your online business.

Let’s see how: follow the next tips, they are really useful.

Tip 1. Focus on a niche
The best way to appear in the first places of the results page is to choose a specific category in your industry. Use keyword research to find related keywords or phrases.
Why is it important to focus on a niche?
Because there is less competition, because you will quickly become an expert and an opinion leader. Create your content on your specific niche.

Tip 2. Blog Schedule
Now write 5 to 6 blog post providing information, benefits or tips related to your niche industry. Schedule these post in order to release theme at the same day each week.
I always suggest to have blog post scheduled in advance: you’ll be sure that post will be regular published.
Remember always to respond to comment on your blog post in a short time. It will great if you could respond the same day: users love it and it creates engagement.
Do not forget to link your blog posts on social media and to share theme in order to encourage readers to visit your blog. Regular blogging will be the base of your SEO brand authority because most of the new SEO tasks are related to blogs, so if you want to boost your brand awareness, you should take care of this aspect.

Tip 3. Forums and Online Communities
It’s really important for you to join online communities and forums connected to your niche industry, including Facebook groups and any other social media (linkedin, google +). You should actively participate to discussion trying to solve problems and to give answers to any unanswered question or comment. This is the best way to grow your authority at eyes of the members.
Remember to provide links to your posts but only when they are relevant to the discussion, that’s really important.

Tip 4. Video Tutorials
The last SEO technique I want to talk about is Video Tutorial. The most part of internet users prefer to watch a video then read an article. Creating videos related to your niche category will reach this portion of the public.
Do not worry: video production doesn’t need to be expensive!
Use slide shows or screen captures and place audio other the video, most of smartphones have great free tools that you can easily use. All marketing reports say that videos boost voice of authority, so try to release new videos regularly, as you do with blog post. Share them on social media and respond to comments about them.
If you will use these tips, you’ll fast improve your brand reputation in your industry. If your authority rises, so will your organic traffic and your social media community.
Believe me when I say that is really easy to do: you will soon become a leader in your industry!

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