How to increase your website’s authority


Please, answer to this question:

Would you purchase something from an unknown website?

I’m sure you won’t. So why do you think that customer would buy something from you if they do not know how much your web site is reliable?

In this article, you will find out how to include some basic information on your website in order to gain your visitors’ trust, to increase your website’s authority and to have a good SEO impact. Google hires quality assurance testers that visit websites in order to rate the relevance of the page to the search keyword or query. This is how Google rate website’s authority. If you pay attention to the criteria that these testers use you can make a strategy in order to make your website appear legitimate.

Follow the next tips and you will easily reach this goal.

Tip 1. Contact Information

Your contact information is the main driver that makes people judge your web site authenticity. If your contact information is hard to find in the page, users will automatically think that you have something to hide. Your e-mail address and your phone number should be really visible on your site. Create a contact page on your main menu is always a good choice.

Tip 2. Address

I can understand that in this digital era, where everybody can find out information on the web, probably you do not want to show your business address, especially if you are working from home. But remember that it can limit the authenticity of your site. A good alternative is to purchase a PO box at the local post office.

Tip 3. Advertising is annoying

Please, do not use too many advertisements. First of all, this is an area that testers examine when they are reviewing a website. Pay attention to not to put more than one advertising on the top-third of your page.

What is the top-third of your page?

It is the viewable area on a standard desktop or laptop before scrolling down.

If you want to, you can add an additional advertisement further down the page.

Second, users don’t like to be overwhelm with advertisement, their experience on your web site can be compromised and they will leave your page.

Tip 4. Broken Links

If you have a lot of pages, you should often check for broken links: 404 error is an enemy to avoid! Broken links can be frequent if you often delete, add or move pages, so pay attention to it!

Tip 5. Proofread

It’s obvious that grammar mistakes and spelling should not be found on your landing page. Users can overlook an occasional error, but if they found frequent mistakes they will doubt about your competence and reliability.

Authority is an important characteristic that your website should have in order to increase conversion rate. You just have to follow these tips and you will see your selling chances grow fast. There are billions of content and stores in the web and users do know that most of them are tricky. Reputation, legitimation and authority are fundamental for your online business. You should be always focus on the tips that I’ve revealed you because you will pay every mistake and it will be much order to regain the ground that you lost. So, pay attention!!

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