How to increase your conversion rate with personalized experiences


Maybe you don’t know it yet but the user experience that you provide on your website actually has got a deep impact on your conversion rates. I’m not talking only about aesthetic, you should focus on how your page is easy to navigate and on the overall experience.

In this article I’m going to reveal you how to create a personalized and cool user experience on your website in order to increase your conversions rates.

Tip 1. First steps

A good user experience keeps your customer back on your page and it will be a good driver to improve conversion rates. There are some basic characteristics that you should always consider when you are designing your website:

  • – Analyze your current traffic
  • – Create a localized experience
  • – Create a sign-in option
  • – Include personalized ad placement
  • – Use personalized email marketing
  • – Personalize your direct messages

As I told you, these are the main focuses you should pay attention to. Let’s see theme in a deep analysis.

Tip 2. Analyze your current traffic

Start from analyzing your current website traffic to understand what your visitors are looking for. You should identify which pages get more traffic, use an analytics software to get demographics of your customer as age, gender and location. Then you should use the information you have found to design your site on your users’ preferences and your key demographic. I want to give you an example: if your target is an older generation, you should not use flashy graphics or animation on your web site, if your target is young, you will use videos and catchy medias.

Tip 2. Create a localized experience

Now that you know your customer’s demographics, you should create a localized user experience, that means including specific informations and contents that are attractive for people in a specific region.

Tip 3. Sign-in Option

You should allow users to sign into the site. A good idea is to include a basic members dashboard that can use to change the layout of the site, features and colors. If you want to do more in this direction, you can combine sign-in option with loyalty reward programs and membership planes. It’s always good to allow your customer to check their orders, their progress and to view their purchasing stats.

Tip 4. Personalized Ad Placement

Affiliate advertising opportunities allow you to place advertisements on your site as display ads that are based on your users’ habits.

Tip 5. Direct Messages

Do you what’s cool? To receive a message on Twitter or Facebook that includes your name. People love it. It’s personal and it creates confidence. Do not use generic auto responder because users see them cold. Believe me when I say that if you will spend bit of time personalizing your messages you will get a big pay back.

Of course, there are many other way to create a personalized user experience on your web site, such as browser compatibility and page load speed. Remember that your goal should always be to make a more comfortable web site for your customers, you should make them feel at home when they are on your web site.

So keep in mind these tips, use them and you will easily boost your online sales because you will build trust and gain much more repeat traffic.

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