How to choose the perfect domain name.


When you start an online business, one of the firsts think you do is too choose a domain name. This first step it’s really important because a domain name says a lot about your business. It should help to understand what industry you are involved: do not make customer guess what you sell, tell them it. A good name should be easy, quick to remember and it should promote a sense of trust. So, please put attention when you choose your domain name because this choice could increase your sales.

In this article, I’m going to tell you same of the best tips that you should follow in order to choose the best name of your business’ domain.

Tip 1. Basics

When you are choosing a domain’s name you should follow same basic rules. Here the most important that you can easily use. A domain name should be:

  • * Easy to read
  • * Short
  • * It should have a dot com extension
  • * Original (do not copy from your competitors)
  • * Easy to remember
  • * Recognizable

I do apologize if I’m repeating it but your domain name should be really easy to read, this means to avoid the use of hyphens and numbers that represents words (these kinds of names are difficult to understand). Then keep your domain’s name short, your visitors will remember it and they’ll easily be able to find your site again. Don’t forget to make it original and unique, it will also help visitors remember your site.

Last but not least, the dot com extension is always the best choice. Practically, there is not advantage for choosing one extension over another, but customers are familiar with the dot com.

Tip 2. Do not focus on keywords.

We all know how much keywords are important in the online marketing but you should include a keyword in your domain name only if it make sense. Trying to fit it simply for have a keyword in your name is definitively useless. But if the keywords suit your domain name and the follow the tip 1’s rules, then use it!

Tip 3. Researches

Make a research on the web before setting your domain’s name, pay attention: you don’t want to compete with an established web site for the name of your business, that’s why you should choose an original name. If users type the name of your business and multiple websites show up offering similar services or products, they may not choose your one. If you find similar results during yours researches, make shore that the sites that you have found are involved in a different industry.

Tip 4. First of all: Get Your Domain name

Do not make any purchase, service or step in marketing before you buy the domain name because in case of the name you’ve choose is already taken, you’ll have to choose another one. If you don’t follow this tip, you may promote your product with someone other’s name and this is not really healthful for your business. Stay flexible until you pay the domain.

Choosing a domain’s name is a fundamental step, so take your time when you will follow these tips. I know that it’s not easy but believe me when I say that a good name can really boost your sales.

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