Why Videos are a great solution to promote your Products.


Thanks to the web, now you can benefit from several new ways to promote your products and services. There are a lot of options that you can choose: email marketing, blog posts, social media or pay-per-click and Google ads.

Today I want to talk about a specific option that is really useful: demonstration videos. Use videos to showcase your product or services, their features, or their main topics. They will be great for everything that you are selling, from books to cooking products.

So, do not stop reading if you want to build a large customer base by creating your own demonstration videos.

Tip 1. Recording Video: your own method

The first step when you start to create your own video is to choose a method you want to use to record it. Focus on this concept: your demonstration video needs to show your product or service being used.

What do I mean?

I’ll give you two examples: if you are selling a physical product or service, you should film your video. You can use a HD camera to do it (you can find some cheap camera on the web) or you can also use your smartphone camera (in case of you want your video to appear more “real”). On the other hand, if you are selling software or mobile app, you should use capture software to record video of your software in use.

Good tip: remember to record your audio separately, you will be focused on your product’s features, without being distracted.

Tip 2. Create a list of your product/services’ main features

You should outline the main features of your product/service. In order to do it in the best way, follow these instructions:

  • 1. Answer to this question: what do you want to showcase in your video?
  • 2. After you’ve done it, you have to rank your answers’ importance.

That’s It! Quite simple, isn’t it?

Tip 3. Write the script

It’s really important for you to write a rough draft of your script. Don’t worry, I’m going to reveal you a simple but really effective technique. Even in this case, the only thing that you have to do is to follow my instructions:

  • 1. Start introducing yourself and your business
  • 2. Explain what viewers are going to see.
  • 3. Highlight each characteristic of the future you want to showcase
  • Tip 4. Action!

Now that you’ve created the script, you are ready to film your initial video footage. Remember that you do not need one continuous shot, try to focus on one or two shots per features.

Then you just have to compile your video using video editing software.

I’m sure that your asking to yourself if you have to buy it.

And the answer is: NO

Computers usually have at least one free video editing program. But you can also find several of other options online, that are cheap or for free.

Tip 5. Record the audio for your video

Now it’s time to record the audio. In order to make this step simple, a good solution is to play the video in the background while you are recording the audio.

Good tip: you should divide your lines into separate sections, exactly in the same way you did with the video.

Add your audio to your video. It’s quite simple, but you will need some practise: the main difficulty is to adjust the placement of the audio on your video until it all comes perfect.

If i was able to do it, believe when I say that you will too, and do not worry if it’s not perfect (you don’t want to go to hollywood, wright?).

Tip. 6 Final Cut

Your video is fundamental to you: it’s the driver to boost your sells, so start tweaking your video. Take all the time you need, until you will be satisfied. I know that it’s hard to figure out how it will be until you have edited it.

So here you are some good tips:

  • 1. Make your first video demo.
  • 2. Highlight the main features of your product/service.
  • 3. Find examples on live searching “product video demonstration”.

Ok! Finally you have your own demonstration video!!!

Post it on You Tube, share it on social media and remember to use it in your marketing strategies and materials

I know it all can appear complicated, but it is not. I promise you that with just a little bit of practise, your videos will be great!

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