6 main strategies that every online business should use.


The web is a new universe of opportunities, and you do not need to spend a ton of money to have a successful marketing strategy. Dedicated to who is starting his first online business, this article will show 6 different marketing strategies that can be used and that are not expansive.

If you will follow these strategies, you will easily start to promote your product/service and to make money.

Social Media Marketing

Why this is the first strategy you should use? Because it’s completely free, as you know, you do not have to pay to set up a Facebook business profile or a social media account.

The secret of every social media marketing is to post regularly and to try to stay relevant with your contents and posts: you will attract more follower.

The best way to do it is to create a schedule for sending out posts. Choose how often you want your post to appear in each social network.

Blog and content Marketing

Informative content is one of the oldest marketing strategies. Nowaday in order to create and share them, you have blogs, eBooks, video, ecc.

You should create quality contents that are relevant for the product or service that you are selling. When you write, you have to remember that your content should be a benefit for your customer. Blog post, product guide, tutorials…there are a lot of different solution that you can use.

Email Marketing

A serious and effective email marketing campaign does cost. It’ true. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot start for free: there are a lot of great software that you can use for free in their basic version. Do not worry about features: the day that you will need to upgrade your email marketing program you will have the money to do it.

Video marketing

Videos are really useful: product demonstrations, customer testimonials, FAQs, films, presentations.

They are a great marketing driver to boost your sails. Recommended!

Special Promotions

If you offer a special promotion for a limited amount of time, you will create in your customer a sense of urgency.


Because customer are more likely to spend money when they feel that they are getting a special value or opportunity.

To run a promotion doesn’t cost a dim. You just have to charge less for your product/service during a specific period of time.

Join online groups or communities

This is a good way to create a network around your website. Maybe it’s not a direct strategy that will make you sell more immediately but in order to make your reputation grow, it is perfect. Obviously, choose online groups or communities that are relevant to your product or services.

Ok that’s it.

Now you know that you can run 6 online marketing strategies completely for free. If you are just started your online business, you will practise out and earn the first money!

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