How to create your own Personal Branding


In the last 10 years many businesses have had the opportunity to grow thanks to online marketing. The web opens new way to get in contact with thousands and thousands of potential customer and that is great. But there is another side, a direct negative consequence. In fact every online business now has to survive in a crowded market where there are a lot of competitors. That’s why in this article I want to talk about the best strategy that you can use to attract more users than your competitor. I’m talking about Personal Branding.

So, what is a Personal Branding?

First of all you have to consider that if you want to boost your sales online, you should focus on some important point:

  1. Visibility
  2. ●Loyalty
  3. ●Reputation

In other words, users should know who you are and they should trust in you. This strategy consider yourself, not your product or your services, as a real brand. Through your personal branding your competence in your industry will grow, so users will follow what you say because they trust you. That means that they will more likely buy product or services that you are selling

Follow the next tips and you will create your own Personal Branding by yourself.

Tip 1. Blog

Open a blog with your name. Remember that it must be separated from your main web site: in your personal blog you do not sell anything, you just give suggestions and advices around your industry’s topics. You should always try to write content about your customer’s topic of interest and to help them to find the answers they are looking for.

Your name and your picture should always be visible on your personal blog and do not forget to give to users the opportunity to write comments or questions about on your content.

Tip 2. Social Media

At the same way, you should create a specific page with your name on facebook and on other social media. Every time that your release a content or an article on your blog, you should share it on Facebook. With this strategy you will soon see discussions appear on around your posts and this is a great thing.

Tip 3. Be ready to answer

In order to make your reputation grow you should always answer to comments in a reasonable time. If your followers know that you respond to their questions, meeting they needs, you will get their loyalty. Pay attention to haters: you should be patient and kindly answer to every comment, even the bad one. That will enforce your authority.

Tip 3. Free content

Create a free content that represent a benefit for your users it’s the main strategy that you have to follow in order to create your personal branding. They will feel grateful to you, they will trust in you. You can choose between ebooks, free reports or video. The important thing is to be focus on a topic of your industry. That would be great if it is relevant to the product or services that you sell on your main site.

You should see your Personal Branding as something parallel to your main site. It will not sell anything directly but it will make your reputation grow, you will be seen as an authority in your field, so users will be more interested in your product because they trust in you and in your opinion. I know that to create a Personal Branding it’s not simple: you need time and work to do it but believe me when I say that your results will be incredible!

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