The Best Way To Promote Your Sales Promotions


Sales promotions can transform a business when and if done correctly. People nowadays are aware that sales promotions are typically crafted to drive sales or boost the use of a particular service. It is a type of marketing strategy which is also often mistaken as general advertising, yet as a matter of fact, these two terminologies are different. Each actually lures a different fragment of the buyer’s thoughts. Advertising, by nature, is on the emotional aspect.  It entices consumers to buy products or services through what they see, hear, or feel. On the other hand, sales promotions, approaches on a customer’s logic.

If you want to get the best out of a promotion, it is only vital you promote your own sales promotion. Yes, it may seem too full of the base word promote. It sounds confusing yet it is accurate.

Promoting Your Promotion

This idea is frequently where many small businesses and entrepreneurs go insufficient. There are two ways in which the deficiency occurs…

  • Number 1: Many businesses come up short in notifying their customers and potential customers on promotion opportunities. In terms of small business marketing, thoughts on advertising arises first, not knowing this could only add expense. Here are some optimal ways you can get the word out, without breaking the bank.
    • On your website home page, highlight the promotion.
    • Produce a web page explicitly about the promotion.
    • Broadcast the info on your Blogs and Social Media Pages.
    • Include it in guest posts on other pages and blogs where and when permitted.
    • Send out to your approved email contacts the sent email notifications.

These points will go a long way in getting the information out there.

Number 2: The other way in which many businesses don’t succeed with their promotions is that they get the word out but post the the wrong information.

Your primary thinking will perhaps be to blow the trumpets and quickly send your message about your offer. It’s not a bad thing. But the message should actually be about your clients. Moreover, it should specify how they will make a good deal out of that offer (which you took time to brainstorm and implement).

Take for example, an accounting firm agrees to run a discount promotion on all services they provide, for a specific period of time.  In order to promote this, they begin posting on Facebook and sending out emails. It indicates that for a given time frame, clients can come in and receive a discount for any service they need. Most readers will surely see the post or read the email and take note of what they read, yet probably will only move on to other tasks for the day. They succeeded with the communication aspect, but the targeted conversion was not achieved.

What you have to execute next is persuading your clients and showing them that your offer will make their lives easier. When you build a link to your customer’s head, that’s when actual persuasion begins. Start by standing in your customer’s shoes. Then make a list of the things that may be on your customer’s mind.  For example, you could point out whether or not their job is currently stable, perhaps they should buy a new car, or even where they are planning their next vacation.

No matter what they have in their heads, there is a good chance they are not thinking about seeing an accountant.  It’s your job to put the idea in their head and then, attach it to the things they are thinking about: “Want to fly during your next vacation instead of drive?  Let us help you find your maximum deductions and use your larger tax refund to start a vacation fund!”. After which , explain the pros of hiring a professional doing their taxes rather than getting hassled at home.

Last, include an effective call to action: “Call now for your appointment!”

How to promote your promotion is something you already know by now! Check this article on for samples of the kind of promotions you can consider offering.


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