PDF guides: find out how to boost your sales.


Online marketing opened the door on new strategies and ways to promote and sale product or services. We’ve seen an increasing interest in guides and ebooks: users are really attracted by e-contents. And the reason is simple: almost everyone has got an ebook reader, tablet or a smartphones. All of these technologies can be used to read an ebook.

This is a trend you should take advantage of in order to implement your sales and your brand authority. A great and easy way to start doing it is to create your own PDF guides to attract more customers.

Here some good tips that will suggest you the best way to use your PDF guide.

Quality and relevant topic

Obviously, the first thing that you have to do is to create a PDF guide: it must be almost 10 pages of content on a topic relevant to your industry.

There is one big thing that you should always remember while you are creating your PDF: it needs to provides with a REAL benefit.

Start with choosing a topic that you know well. Then create an outline and write your guide. It is useful to download an ebook template in order to choose size and page layout that will be responsive on any device.

Make it more attractive including images every one or two pages: the web is full of free images that you can use.

When you’ll have finished, convert the document into a PDF, upload your guide on dropbox, Google Drive or your web hosting account. After uploading copy the link to the guide.

No, it’s time to talk about strategies, read the following tips to create the best one for your business.

Guide = Giveaway

The first strategy that you should consider is to offer your guide in a giveaway. If your guide provides a lot of informations, this strategy will work great!

Providing a real value to your customers in an effective way to boost your new business’ sales. Start a giveaway on your website and on social medias: your PDF should be the prize.

Give your PDF guide to new subscribers

To get new subscribers is really important in order to make your business grow. Tell people that if they will apply to your list they will receive your PDF for free. When they do it, send them a confirmation email that includes a link to download the PDF.

Use Social media accounts

Including a download link on your social media post is the best way to invite as many people as possible to read your PDF. It will create discussion and make your reputation grow. You could even start a Facebook campaign.

Sell on Amazon

If have created a quality content, you should sell it on Amazon. You do not have to convert it, Amazon uses their own system but you can also use a downloaded template from Amazon.

With this strategy you can generate additional revenues and establish yourself as a authority.

Release series of guides on similar topics

If your thirst guide will be successful, you should not stop! Keep releasing a series of good content focused on similar topics. It is a good way to find out which one is more relevant to your potential customer. Remember to set a schedule for your new guides: it will be great to release a new guide every two-three months

Believe me when i say that these strategies do work great. That’s how online marketing is becoming the best marketplace ever. If you will follow my tips, you’ll see that it’s not hard to do: you will learn fast!

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