How to understand what motivates your customer.


I want to start from a question:

Why people usually buy a product or a service?

There can be only one answer:

Because they want to solve a problem.

For example: they buy food because they are hungry, they buy a car because they live far from their work, they buy education to improve their skills.

You already know that presenting a problem is the first part of any marketing email. When you write an e-mail you talk about a problem that your product/service will solve.

To understand what I’m talking about, let’s see a real example

Imagine that your product is an e-book that teaches how to talk to the opposite sex. In this case the problem would be that your customer is shy, he doesn’t know how to meet new people and he is afraid that is going to remain single for the rest of his life.

Most of the time in online marketing the problem is presented within these questions:

  • – Do you ‘freeze’ instead of talking in front of a new person?
  • – Are you not going out because you are too afraid to ask someone out on a date?
  • – Do you think you may remain single because you are too anxious around the opposite sex?
  • I can offer you these solutions:

As a next step you can introduce your product to solve the problem. This immediately makes your potential customer feel empowered about their lives and therefore ready to eliminate their obstacle by buying your product.

Then I will present an e-book “How to Speak to Attractive Women”, a comprehensive guide, clarifying what benefits your product can give to your customer. However, these points differ from your products aspects, that are just list of things included.

The difference between these two things are relevant: Benefits define in what way your product boosts your customer’s life, and not only solve their issue but improve them as a person. With this speculative example, the benefits may include:

  • – Conquest your dream woman and create a long and happy family life
  • – Inspire your friends and relatives with your self-esteem and determination
  • – Turn into an attractive man to charm all women and intensify your sex-appeal
  • Using benefits can advertise your product more effectively that just writing its features. The reason is simple: it enables your potential customer to picture themselves as being more valued as a person for buying your product.

A catchy phrase to remember this distinction is: Features SELL but benefits TELL.

If you plan to offer any other specific bonuses, you may list them next. But if you want to make a greater impact, you can just wait until they get to this step. Then you will introduce a link of sales page through an e-mail.

The Critical CTA

CALL TO ACTION (CTA) is the most striking part. It needs to be explicitly clear how you want your reader to react.

There is no space for uncertainty. If you want your reader to visit a sales page, it needs to be written clearly. If you want him to buy the product, state it openly. Don’t imply it or mention it only. You have no time to lose, and your customer want you to be straight-forward. Be explicit.

This is Your Unique and Absolute Way to have the Life You Always Wanted.

I hope You will find this article useful! Until the next tip…

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