How to develop your Conversion Funnel to Increase Sales.


We all know that every marketing campaign’s goal is to generate sales. The best tool that can help you in doing this is a Conversion Funnel: it will transform your leads into conversions.

That’s why I want you to learn how to build your conversion funnels in order to boost your sales. Read this article and you will easily get the solution that can definitively change your marketing campaigns.

First of all: what is a conversion funnel?

It is an outline of your strategy for getting new customer and completing a sale. It starts from the acquisition and ends with a sale.

Why is it useful?

There are two main reasons:

  • – It converts quickly
  • – It helps you to find solution to fix leaks

I want to make an example for you to understand what I’m talking about.

Imagine to get 1.000 visits on your landing page. Half of theme may continue with the next action, like subscribing to your email list. Half of the subscribers will click on the link in your email. The number continue to decrease till your conversion rate.

Pay attention now, this is the standard structure of a conversion funnel:

  • – Attraction
  • – Interest
  • – Desire
  • – Action

You have to start attracting potential customers through several marketing channels, like ads, social media SEO. Then you have to get their interest with a landing page. Use desire when you create your calls to action to make them click on the next step. The final action is the purchase of your product or service.

Be sure to attract the right customer

The first step of your funnel is to attract new customers. Your percentage to increase your conversion rates will grow if you attract the right customer that is interested in your product.

You can do this with:

  • – Market research
  • – Using the right copy write on your advertising
  • – Using long tail keywords in your SEO language

Try to get a niche category in your industry: it’s always the best choice!

Interest and Desire

How do you create an interest?

By solving a problem.

How do you create desire?

By appearing catchy and cool.

Remember that your goal is to gain subscribers. Provide to them solutions, build their interest around your product. If you are using a call to action, do not forget to include an opt-in form for subscribers. This is an important point because some of your visitor may not purchase right away but you should still get their email address. That’s will be really useful for your funnel when you create a target-based email campaign.

Why you should send a follow up email

You can try to catch your leak in your funnel by sending follow up mails. To do this, you have to separate the opt-in form from your other subscriber list. Send the follow up mail to visitors that have not purchased your product. The aim of the follow up mail is to build the desire to come back on your website, to make it more appealing you can include additional offer or discount.

Killer call to action

Call to action are fundamental. It needs to convert. It will helpful to use split test to find which one converts more and to find your final message.

A good conversion funnel is the best way to boost your sells. The most important thing for your online business is to keep trying several solutions in order to find out the one that works better. Create structured campaign will maximizes your conversion rates. It’s easy to check which part of your funnel you have to improve: focus on the area where your potential customer drop-off and optimize theme.

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