What should you do in order to rebrand your business.


For the first time I’m not going to talk to online business beginers. In this article I want to go one step forward and to explain some efficient methods to rebrand your business without losing customers.

Why am I doing it?

Because after several years that you are selling online, you may find out that it’s time to change in order to meet your customer’s new needs and demands. In this stage you’ll probably need not only to expand your offer but also you should rebrand your product/service.

To rebrand a business may be tricky if you do not know how to do it because people may be confused by your new image/name/logo.

So, follow these next tips and everything will be all right.

Tip 1. Is rebranding the right choice?

First of all you have to ask to yourself and be sure that rebranding is the right strategy that you need. You should spend time thinking about this question in order to find the right answer: be careful or all of your hard work will be for nothing.

Tip 2. Lunch date

When you decide to rebrand your business it’s really important to set a lunch date because it’s the best strategy to make it work. While you’ll considering it, pay attention on how much work you have to do to rebrand your product/service and choose a reasonable date.

Tip 3. Name and logo

When you are designing the new logo and choosing the new name, remember that both should be relevant to your new direction. You know well your customer so it will not be hard to do it.

Tip 4. New web site

Exactly as it was for your last business, even this time you need to create your web site. While you are working on it place a basic “coming soon” page. A good tip is to make a perfect copy of your old page and to change logo, name and colours. Even if you will create a completely new web site, remember to connect it somehow to your old one, for example using the same colour scheme.

This aspect it’s really important because if the new web site is too different from the old one your customer may be confused.

Tip 5. Social Media announcements

While you’re working on the new web site, start communicated your new business on your social media: talk about it, try to create discussion around the new topic, set regular updates. In this way your followers will be aware of the rebranding process and thy will be waiting for the lunch date.

Tip. 6 Email Campaign

Social media announcements works great but they are not enough. Create an email campaign to let your old customer know what is going on. Send out a newsletter talking about the process and the new brand. Let them know the lunch date and why they should continue use your product/services.

When the lunch date will be close, remember to send a follow up mail in order to remember it.

Tip 7. Shutdown old site

When the lunch date will come, you should take down your’ old web site. Do it in a smart way: set up redirects. Use your old SEO as much as possible and begin transferring your content to your new site.

Place a redirect message on your old home page in order to explain to old customers that may have missed your mails what’s going on, write about your new site and the new brand.

So, use this tips if you want to rebrand your product/service without losing customer: please do not undervalue this process because you will pay a lot for each mistake. Do it in the right way and you will boost your new business.

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