Missed Sales: The power of retargeting


I know you work hard on your marketing, email campaign, social networks’ post, probably you are also paying for Google Adwords. Everything you do, you do it in order to drive traffic to your website. But one visit doesn’t mean one purchase. So, what do you do when a visitor leaves your website without making a purchase? 

This is the question i’m going to answer to because it would be a big mistake to simply let him go. Retargeting is the strategy that makes you keep the opportunity to sell your product or services to users that hasn’t purchase when they visited your site. So follow the next tips and you will boost your conversion rates because if someone left your website doesn’t mean that he will never come back.

Tip 1. Cookies

Cookies are small files stored by a web browser that contain information about the user’s’ habits. Retargeting starts from this point. First of all you have to work with a retargeting provider, many advertising networks offer this kind of service. 

How does it work?

If you set up the retargeting campaign, you will receive a piece of code you have to insert into your web pages. When someone visits your site and lives without purchasing, the provider will use what the cookie generated by visiting your site to deliver ads. When that someone browses the web and visits other websites, your advertisement can appear. That works great!

Tip 2 Retargeting Platform

As you can imagine, there are several retargeting platform that you can use for your re-marketing. Some of them deliver ads to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Some others deliver ads to other websites. These platforms follow potential customers when they are surfing the web instead of presenting targeted advertisement on their social media feed.

Tip 3. Re-landing

When you start a retargeting campaign you should create new landing pages focused only on your re-marketing target. I suggest to include special discounts or special offers, remember that it will be a second chance for you to purchase your product or services, so use it!

Tip 4. Pay attention to budget

The first thing you have to do, even before choosing your retargeting platform, is to set a budget. How should you do it? Just look to your analytics to find out how many users actually leaves your site without purchasing. Focus on only the landing pages that will be part of the retargeting campaign. Choose wich one you want to target and then review the bounce rating. Now you should divide that number by 50: the results represent the 2% of visitors that do not purchase when they visit your website, Multiply this by the profit that you would gain from an average sale. Your retargeting campaign budget should not exceed that amount of money. That is your break even point.

Tip 5. Retargeting Ads

Now you are ready to set up your retargeting campaign. It’s really similar to any other Ad, you can choose to place text or image advertisement. You will be able to set targeted regions and several other settings. Be careful when you do it because you will pay for every click you will receive.

Remarketing is a really good marketing strategy, it’s a kind of level 2 that you should upgrade to in order to boost your conversion rate. Once you will be more practical, you will easily use re-marketing in order to purchase your product or service. I definitely suggest to do it because it works great!

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