How a Social Media Giveaway can attract New Customers


The core of every online business is to attract new customers. Of course there are many expansive ways to do it that works great but there are also some easy and cheap solutions that can boost your customer list really fast and without spending a lot of money.

One of the best is Social Media Giveaway: it’s a great way to promote your products and increase your brand recognition.

As I said, to create a giveaway is simple, and I’m going to reveal you how to do it in 7 TIPS.

TIP 1. Think about what is your goal

The first thing that you have to do is to decide the reason why you want to create a giveaway. For example, you should know if you’re doing it only because you want to gain new potential customer or because your goal is to promote a specific product or service. It’s important for you to focus on this because is the basic step that will help you to decide which prize will you give to your new customers.

TIP 2. Decide a Prize

A giveaway’s prize must be something of value. Forget about discounts, they are great if you want to build an e-mail list but not if you your goal is to gain new customers.

One of the best prize is always to include a sample of your product or service or something that is related to them. For example, if you are selling services, you could offer a free trial period. Other solution can be to create a content as an e-book or a guide. The important thing is that the prize should be something that people wants.

If you want you can also choose some more simple prize like gift card, itunes credit or gadgets.

Remember that the key word for this strategy is always “VALUE”.

TIP 3. Set your giveaway’s period

It’s really important to set a start and end data for your giveaway. The best thing is to set them in the same period of the release of a new product or service. A good tip is to set the end of the giveaway in the same data of a new release. Don’t forget to discuss and describe your releasing product in the giveaway’s marketing material.

TIP 4. Run your giveaway using helpful web sites.

Once you have decided what’s your prize, you have to manage all the promotion process.

Don’t worry, even in this case there are several solutions that you can use even if you are not a computer mastermind!

In fact, there are many sites on the web that are available for free and that allow you to setup up your own giveaway. One of my favorite is Raffle-copter: it gives you also a plug-in for your website and offers multiple options for accepting entries.

TIP 5. Take note of your actual statistics.

Tracking your existing statistics is a good way to have concreate data to verify your giveaway strategy’s performance. When you’re doing it you should consider this key data:

  • Number of Facebook likes
  •  Number of followers on twitter
  • Your website’s traffic

That will be helpful for your future decisions.

TIP 6. Contact your subscribers

Write an e-mail and talk about your giveaway, let your subscribers know its value. Hopefully they will help you to spread it in their network, that usually includes people with the same interests. If some of them share your giveaways on their social media profiles, you will achieve a big goal.

TIP 7. Social Media Promotion

Now that your giveaways have started, there is only one last thing to do: promote it!

Do it as much as possible through social media, engage people to talk about it and to share their impressions. Remember always to use concrete content, people will not consider foggy and inconsistent promotion. Use viral and funny posts: you want a large number of people to find your giveaway.

So, we have walked through a really good strategy to create and promote your giveaway. As you have seen, you can do even if you don’t have any particular skills in computer or internet. Start work on it, you will soon find out that it’s really easy to realize.

I want to say good bay with a last tip: try to always analyze the results of every campaign that you will do and use them to develop your strategy, find what is working good and what it’s not.

Experience is a great school, especially for beginners!

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