Autoresponder: which to choose?


There are a lot of several autoresponder that you can use to make managing your list easier. In this article, I want to present the one that I think work best and offers some of the best services and options.

You get what you pay, not only in internet: there are free and inexpensive autoresponder that you can download and use. Most of them don’t have any kind of assistance, so if there is some malfunction you will be in big troubles.

So please remember that your autoresponder is the tool you use to manage your list and your business!

Aweber: the best autoresponder

The autoresponder that I recommend to use is Aweber: a comprehensive program gives you many, many services. It offers everything you need to create and manage your list, no matter if it’s big or short.

I want to be say it clearly: I’m not affiliated with Aweber and I’m not promoting it, so you will not find any link here!
I’m just suggesting the best solution from in my point of view and in my experience.

Why is it better?

As the most part of autoresponders that you can find in internet, also Aweber sends out your e-mails, according to the schedules you determine. But it something more: it lets you create sub-groups so that you can direct different sets of email at different groups. It means that your campaign will be more flexible and more personalized.

Aweber can send both HTML or in plain text e-mails, no matter which operating system your costumer is using, he will be able to read your e-mails.

Personalized Campaigns

Aweber provides custom fields that you can use to personalize your campaigns with pre-made template forms you can choose.
You can send out single message as well as e-mails, unlimited follow-ups, you receive a daily delivery report with advanced click tracking.
And that’s more: unsubscribe function and bounced message handling.

But the best thing and the reason I decided that Aweber is the best autoresponder that you can use, it is its dependability and service.
The company guarantees that every e-mails are going to delivered to your addresses exactly when and how you need. If there ever be any kind of problem with Aweber, their customer service is always available to make things right.

Customer Satisfaction

I can say it and you should believe it: there is nothing more frustrating than sitting in front the screen because you are hold with a service department or waiting for service tech, when your autoresponder has crashed.

Do you know that every minute that your autoresponder is not working is money you are not making?

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